About Waseda Preps Language School

Waseda Preps Language School (WPLS) is a group company of Keitei Education Group.
Student is our priority. Education is our policy.
WPLS was established as the first school of collaboration between Japanese language school and tutoring school based on One Team Education Policy.
Japanese language school and tutoring school work collaboratively and efficiently to give students dedicated supports to enter the famous Japanese universities.

  • We use the same method of AP class in high school to make you success to get into a famous Japanese University.
  • We provide the most effective and efficient teaching method by collaboration between language school and tutoring school.
  • We work together with students’ parents through frequent online interviews and support each student to achieve the goals.
  • We support each student to achieve his/her goal by arranging the most effective teaching method depending on level.

Team Education

Three teachers per class
Homeroom Teacher–Language school teacher (Japanese)
Assistant Homeroom Teacher–Language school administration staff (Chinese)
University Exam Assistant Teacher–Tutoring school teacher (Chinese)
A lot of Japanese language schools have problems which are caused by a lack of cooperation between language teachers and administration staffs or by no contact between language school and tutoring school. WPLS takes a 3 to 1 teaching method. Which means three teachers teach one student. Every student is well supported in study life by cooperated three staffs of a homeroom teacher, a homeroom assistant teacher and a professional subject tutor.
We strictly administrate each student’s attendance and well communicate with each student to find and solve a problem if student has any.


We communicate with students’ parents through online contact and share students’ study progress. Student’s study progress and attendance will be reported by homeroom teacher to parents. We also hold a parents’ meeting once a year. Please come and see our school where your child study at.
Japanese language school strictly administrates each student’s attendance. Students need to punch in when they come in the school so that teachers and staffs are able to grasp each student’s attendance and give him/her a guidance on making time to study.