Name: Ryo Muraoka

Hobby: Reading,Watching movies
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite entertainer: None
Favorite animal: Cats
Favorite song: None
Favorite food: Natto

Comments on international students:
Dream, speak, and fulfill your dreams in Japanese!
We will support you guys.

Name: Masanori shibuya

Hobby: Instant camera
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite entertainer: Shuzo Matsuoka
Favorite animal: Cats(Scottish Fold)
Favorite song: Wherever you are
Favorite food: Cream puff

Comments on international students:
Our job is to improve the ability of Japanese,but I think it is important to make use of that study in the future.
Let’s think and solve together without worrying alone.

Name: Satsuki Uemura

Hobby: Playing the contrabass
Favorite color: Yellow
Favorite entertainer: Masaki Suda,Kasumi Arimura
Favorite animal: Panda
Favorite song: Song of Mr. Children and Aimyon
Favorite food: Pizza, sushi, Kyoho, Country Ma’am (cookies sold in Japan)

Comments on international students:
I want to talk with you in Japanese.
It can be difficult, but let’s do our best together!We will do our best to help you make your dreams come true!

Name: Qingran Peng

Hobby: Listening to music,Photograph
Favorite color:Indigo White, white
Favorite entertainer: None
Favorite animal: None
Favorite song: Song of GONTITI
Favorite food: Peach

Comments on international students:
We will do our best to support your dreams! let’s work hard together!